art consultation

When contacting a curator, please indicate what type of art you have (painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photograph, or antiquity) and include the name of the artist and subject, if known. Let us know how and when you acquired the work of art. Please attach digital images of the work of art. Please do not bring works of art to the Museum. 

John Coffey, Curator of American Art and Modern Art, Judaic Art
Jennifer Dasal, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art
Linda Dougherty, Curator of Contemporary Art, African Art 
Michele Frederick, Associate Curator of European Art
Lyle Humphrey, Associate Curator of Eurpoean Art and Collections History
Amanda Maples, Curator of African Art
Caroline Rocheleau, Curator of Ancient Art 

If you do not know which curator to contact, please email Caroline Rocheleau or call (919) 664-6845.

Please note: Museum curators can neither authenticate nor provide value appraisals for works of art. See “Find an appraiser.” If your work of art falls outside the curators’ areas of expertise, you will be directed to another museum or elsewhere with relevant staff expertise.

Because of conflict of interest, the North Carolina Museum of Art cannot provide value appraisals for works of art. However, there are several organizations that can help you locate qualified professionals to assist you. 

In addition, the following dealer organizations offer fee-based appraisal services:

Please note: The Museum does not recommend or endorse particular appraisers or art dealers. 

To connect with a conservator at the North Carolina Museum of Art, please email Nancy Allred.

I have a work of art that needs to be cleaned or repaired. Do you do that?

The NCMA’s Art Conservation Center does not accept private clients. However, Museum conservators are available to discuss your conservation concerns and recommend the best way to care for your art. Please email Nancy Allred to connect with a conservator.

How do I find a conservator to repair my art?

The Museum does not recommend or endorse a particular conservator. Search for conservators in your area on the website of the American Institute for Conservation and Preservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

The NCMA’s art reference librarian can help you in your research. The Art Reference Library offers access to art auction databases (,, art bibliographic databases (, and other reference materials, such as biographical dictionaries, signature ID books, and artist catalogues raisonnés. 

If you need assistance with your research, please email Natalia Lonchyna, art reference librarian.

View Library Resources

Please visit the Art Reference Library webpage to view on-site research resources.

Please note: The library staff does not authenticate or give value appraisals of works of art or rare books.